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Roffioelen van wermoese

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Roffioelen van wermoese


Under construction!



These roffioelen differ from Roffioelen van vleesche and Roffioelen van appelen ende noten tegadere. Those are packets of dough filled with meat or apple. In these roffioelen, the filling of green leaf vegetables and cheese is incorporated into the dough.



 Notabel boexcken van cokeryen, 131


Original text

Men sal nemen wermoes ende petercelie, elcx [van elk] al evenvele. Dat sal men tesamen wel cleyne scherven [fijnsnipperen]. Also sal ment dan broeyen [met kokend water overgieten] ofte lutelken [even] laten sieden [koken]. Alst ghesoden es, so sal ment wel cleyne stooten [fijnmaken]. Dan sal men nemen terwenbloeme ende die teghaderen [samen met de bladgroente en petercelie] mynghelen ghelijck duenne deech. Dan sal men nemen Inghelschen case [raspkaas] seer cleyne ghemalen ofte seere cleyne ghebriselt [zeer fijngemaakt] ende minghelten [meng hem] metten deeghe. Hieraf [hiervan] sal men maken langhe smalle duenne cloncten [slierten] ende sieden dye in een panne met water herde wel [door en door]. Als dye herde wel ghesoden sijn, soe sal men dit uut doen met eenen vischspane. Dan sal mense legghen te versipen [uitlekken]. Als die versepen sijn, so sal men nemen schoon schotelen ende legghender daerinne, te weten in elck schotel twee oft drye oft viere. Daerna sal men nemen botere ende smeltense in de scotelen ende men sal nemen van dyen case ende stroyenden daeroppe. Dan neempt Lombaertspoedere, dat stroyter oock op. Ghy sult weten dat men dyt in Lombaerdyen pleecht te gheven des avonts ende des noenens [bij het middageten], in die stadt [in plaats] van wermoese in den eersten [als eerste gerecht], eer men yet anders diende [voordat men iets anders opdient].
Notes between [brackets] are from the text at http://www.kookhistorie.nl/




The version below worked well, suggestions for the next try: add the parsley, keep the same amount of spinach. I used belegen gouda this time, old would be better. Both of these adaptions should add some taste, it tasted good this time, but slightly bland (the kids loved it...).
Second try: added 20 g parsley, used cheap old gouda and 100 g flour instead of 150. Strangely, this resulted in more doughy pasta.


(side dish or large appetizer for 7 people):
  • 80 g fresh spinach, chopped fine
  • 20 g parsley 
  • 150 white wheat flour
  • warm water if neccesary
  • pinch of salt
  • 100 g grated gouda cheese
  • 12 g butter 



Chop the spinach fine and pour boiling water over it. Chop more finely. Mix greens with flour and a little salt into a thin dough. Mix in half the cheese. Make balls of about 1.5 cm diameter and roll these into rolls of about 0.5 cm diameter. Bring a large pot of water to the boil and throw in about 10 rolls at a time. Leave them in for about 3 minutes after they float to the top.
Preheat oven to 180 C. Put in an oven dish with the butter to let the butter melt. spread out the roffioelen in the butter (don't pile them up high), sprinkle with cheese and put in the oven for 10-15 minutes to let the cheese melt.

Nederlandse vertaling


(voor .. personen):






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